Saturday, April 17, 2010

sepi itu sunyi

Daku Terasa Ingin Membawa
Cinta Yang Terlara Ke Titik Mula
Kembali Mencuba Untuk Kali Kedua
Menggilapkan Gerhana Jiwa

Pernah Ku Terasa Ingin Merayu
Pada Kasih Dulu Pulang Padaku
Lupakan Dosaku Putihkan Kelabu
Tenangkan Amarahmu

Bisakah Yang Terpadam Dinyala
Bisakah Yang Terhina Dicinta
Walau Ku Himpunkan Sesalku
Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu

Naluri Meminta Kuungkap Kata
Seindah Bahasa Janjikan Setia
Akan Bersemilah Cinta Dihatinya
Percaya Ku Semula

Bisakah Yang Benci Disayangi
Bisakah Yang Dusta Dimaafi
Walauku Himpunkan Sesalku
Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu

Bila Senduku Berlinang Sayu
Dalam Rindu Ku Tertanya

kaki kepoh......

da lama rasanya x update blog aku ni..da bersawang ngan sawang labah2 ni..heheeeh.......kehidupan ini makin sibuk dengan segala macam aktiviti sampaikan xde lansung masa dan ruang untuk diri aku sendiri...kehidupan ini memenatkan aku..terlalu menyesakkan...letih mengenangkn setiap masalah yang berlaku...penat dengan mulut2 yg x pernah berhenti bercerita....kadang aku pelik tengok perangai manusia2 ni....x penat ke mulut asyik nak mengata tentang aku...tapi nak wat mcm mana...sbb aku femes kot..hahahaha...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

aku hanya boneka

aku cuba memahami dirimu
tapi kau tak pernah cuba untuk
memahami aku.
memahami siapa aku,
mengerti apa mahuku..
perhatian dan secebis kasih sayang..
tapi aku harus sedar sapa aku,
harus menyedari yang aku
boneka padamu..
boneka yang padamu tiada perasaan..
boneka yang senang kau permainkan...

Monday, May 5, 2008



I think this course, Diploma in English for Communication are really good for the person whoa are really love and adore English. The learning and teaching process are totally in English, so it will improve the student’s skills how to communicate in English. This course are quite similar with the Mass Communication course but the differences is because this course are push more on grammar, writing style and also not forget of the communication. The assessment for this course are really interesting because every semester, the students will exposed to the working environments and teach the students how to be social and how to be a good communicator. I have learnt a lot of things from this course, how to be a good speaker, how to work in the groups and so on but the element that I really like about this course because it let the students being independent, more creative and artistic. For the subject Critical Literacy, There are many important things that I get from this subject such as I may know the purpose of a text from the style and the genre that the writer has chosen. I also may judge the value or quality of a piece of written material on the basis of how well it conforms to the rules of the genres selected. These subjects help me to improve my writing with using many idea and things that have been explain in the stories and facts. The information is so useful for me in case to practice the right procedures in writing and how to write a good report. The topic rules and regulation make me realize that in writing, there are also have the rules and regulation that we need to follow such as use the proper language and sentence; for example, we need to use passive or active structure. The rules and regulation build up my discipline to write in the right order and procedures. As a conclusion, the good writer is someone who practices all the writing process and try to use all the skill that is needed. There are also need to track all the writing rules and regulation to make sure they are writing in the right way.There are many ways how to improve this course, first of all, this course should annul the subject IELTS because it is really tough to score these subjects and will replace with the subjects which ca build up the students creativity.



There is an article explain about which is the priorities that the South African government should choose between drugs to decrease the numbers of AIDS cases or the weapons-acquisitions. To be precise, it covers the two controversies that just won’t go away in South Africa which is the arms and AIDS. A national AIDS activist group is trying to force the government into making antiretroviral drugs freely available to all HIV positive pregnant women in that country. The arms purchase also faces the challenge from another front. The South Africa government’s policy on AIDS was also under legal attack, this time from the Treatment Action Campaign. At present the drug is in only in a few pilot projects. The article purpose is to inform people about the important things that the South African government should think off first before making any decisions. Beside that, the writer does not only inform but also provides an extended persuading to South African government to make antiretroviral drugs freely available to all HIV positive pregnant women.



There is a text about a current issues relating to the phenomenon of weight control and issues about physical and mental health for the obesity people. This article covers a wide range relating to the trend of weight control and also involving to physical and mental strength. The writer of this article also provides the latest and new information based on recent research into weight loss. This article are informs people about the risks and hazards of commercially available weight loss programs. The writer also provides an extended warning the readers that they must not trust the claims made by commercially-driven product providers. Besides that, he also pains to encourage them that their current weight is probably appropriate. The writer highly critic both of the commercial weight loss products and also the medical views that are support them. He disagree that weight loss products simply do not work. The numbers of study which illustrate that not only do people recurrently regain any weight lost, they also gain weight, each time making further weight loss more difficult.


This topic is actually as a preparation for my third assignments which is critical review, I need to review the article from newspaper, magazine, or magazine but I choose my friends article and need to comment what she have written about the article that she had taken from the magazine. I need to review her topic, content, source, audience, rhetorical function, purpose, perspective, positioning, impact and visual literacy. This chapter is really importance because it introduces the skills that need to produce and evaluate the critical writing. It also help me to evaluate my friend view about the article and give me more knowledge about how to comment the article